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Copilot is a next-gen trading platform that automates yourdaily actions with no-code trading bots, auto-bidding and alerts.
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The future of NFT trading is all about speed. With the rise in marketplace competition and access to professional analytics, current tools are no longer enough. Copilot is the solution that bridges this gap and gives you the speed and competitive edge.

NFT Copilot Roadmap


Stay ahead of the competition with our powerful analytics tools, designed to help you make informed decisions, monitor trends, and analyze the market.



Upgrade your trading experience with our advanced tools built for speed, precision, and maximum control. Get ready to dominate the market like never before

Trading Dashboard


Get notified in real-time with our advanced alerts system, offering personalized notifications for floor prices, wallet actions and custom conditions of your choice.

Wallet Alerts


Drive your NFT trading to the next level with Copilot's powerful automation tools. From personalized bots that help automate your strategies to advanced auto-bidding, our tools give you the speed and precision you need to dominate the market.

Deal Sniper


Here's our vision and plan for the future of Copilot. Our roadmap is a reflection of the passion and dedication to revolutionizing the NFT trading industry.
NFT Copilot Roadmap

Community About Us

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@0xAlpaca_, Founder of 0xDEGEN
People have been enjoying the beta! Lots of positive feedback from our members. I like it too. At the moment the main function I especially like is how much freedom there is for wallet tracking, I love how you can organise it and etc. I would love to see this perhaps extend onto a discord bot or som...
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If there are features that your favorite NFT analytics tool is missing (wallet tracking? alerts? deal sniper?) chances are NFT Copilot has them or their super talented devs will build them in no time! Never before have I felt that I can impact the product roadmap in almost real time and help build t...
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@shakestar412, Co-founder @speshalpha
Copilot offers to the simplicity of a great UI with the extensive range of tools and analytics combined from a lot of different tools I've used. For example Tiny Astro has a great UI, but lacks some of the finer analytics and features of magically. Copilot seems to try and combine that
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@rickeynfteth, Founder of UDOxFRG
Copilot is an ever innovative NFT trading platform with all the needs that every trader would ever need. Something not there? The community also wants it? Slap it in the suggestion and it'll be added ASAP. The team is a joy to work with and I can't wait to see what they have coming up next.
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Oh my God, GZ This is something new for traders NFT A lot of analytical information to buy faster than other for free! Let's start to make a profit
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I use co pilot as my main analysis tool and look over the pump alerts every now and then
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I was pleasantly surprised by the speed of updating the service in trading sniper. A very strong statement of success and provide competition to other similar services copilot_nft
user img
copilot_nft is among my favorite assets to invest in
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Using copilot for a couple months and was fading the pump alerts… big mistake idk how you all do it but those alerts are spot on.
user img
This is my main app now. I use 24/7 whnver trading. Couldnt do without u all great job and great progress. u guys kept on going.
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I was an avid user of nftnerds and nftflips however after having my subscriptions expired I was recommended to try out copilot, it's seems to have a lot more features than nftnerds with all the alert functions and growth chart.
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NFT Copilot copilot_nft is a new project that offers modern, and most importantly unique tools for nft traders.
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copilot_nft is building some super practical tools for traders. Wallet and pump alerts linked to my discord has been super helpful to see what is moving
user img
Oh my god this tool..... Guys what the hell are you building? Keep calm..... please!

Our Team

Our mission is to revolutionize NFT trading with Copilot. Our expert team is dedicated to empowering you to dominate the market and creating a unique NFT journey that puts you in control of your future.

Nick Bull
Nick BullCo-Founder, Tech Lead8+ years of experience in software development specializes in creating innovative and reliable web products.
Julia Mulia
Julia MuliaCo-Founder, Product ManagerExpert in marketing and user experience design that understands the needs of NFT traders.
DruCo-Founder, DeveloperHaving worked on countless projects and has a wealth of expertise in developing advanced technology solutions.
ViceDeveloperHighly experienced and skilled developer who specializes in creating high-load systems and seamless user experiences.
PaulDesign LeadVisual genius with decent experience who makes sure everything looks amazing and is easy to use.
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Daily dose of profit in your server with Copilot Pump Alerts
We created a unique algorithm that determines when the floor is expected to pump with an accuracy of up to 75%.
More than 15 eth of total profits for 3 monthsUp to 3 profitable signals every day
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